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Our Beers & Wines

Brewed exclusively for our pubs, inns and hotels, so every pint is something rather special.

Combining craftsmanship with years of experience. About 200 years in the business. Always delicious. Enjoy a pint or two at The Bull’s Head. Cheers!

Our Beers

Brewed for you

When you relax with a drink at The Bull's Head, you’ll discover a well-stocked bar serving the finest Thwaites cask ales.

Daniel Thwaites uses only the finest dark kiln roasted malts, English barley and select fuggles and goldings hops to create this bittersweet dark mild with a deliciously dry finish.

Our award-winning team of brewers – Mark, Harry, Glyn and Stuart – have years of expertise between them and each week they mash hops, barley and brewing liquor to create beers which we’re delighted still carry our forefather’s name.

Our seasonal ales give the team the opportunity to have some fun with flavour combinations, and our guests the chance to savour some beers which are truly unique to us.

Our Beer Range

Beers to enjoy at the Bulls Head.

Bitter - 3.6% - bitter sweet balance, crisp, malt

Golden Ale - 4.1% - citrus fruit, fruit, sweet

Look out for some of the beers from our full range making a guest appearance. 

Bitter - 4.4% - bitter sweet balance, hop, earthy

Indian Pale Ale - 4.0% - hoppy IPA

Mild - 3.3% - sweet, roasted, nutty

Our Wines

We’ve taken great care to make sure our wine list is a crowd pleaser with wide range of choice.

Not just the usual crisp whites but some slightly more adventurous options too, sourced from smaller suppliers who pour their heart and soul into every bottle they produce.